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Welcome to the Party (you can sit with us)

Parties (That Don't Exist) is a Digital Inspiration Engine that makes it easy to SHOW UP AND MAKE SOME ART.

How it works:

  • Twice a month, a new prompt, (also known as a Party) will be released on the site.
  • The Party runs for a set amount of time (typically two weeks), and in that time you can create a quick response to that prompt, whether it be writing, music, photography, video, or a genre we don't even know about.
  • Upload your contribution, so you can see what others have been posting. Note: No idle browsing or trolling here; if you don't contribute, you can't sit with us.
  • Once in the party, you can take inspiration from others, and tag their work for anything else you post.
  • When a new party is released, the old party is on display for anyone to browse through.

And there's accounts, ways you can share, and all sorts of other mumbo jumbo.

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Who is Parties That Don't Exist?

Negin Singh

Negin Singh

Master of Ceremonies

Founder of the creative production company, cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA, Negin is an experiential producer, a creative in tech, a branding expert, a spoken word artist, a self appointed part-time matchmaker, a rescuer of weird dogs, a devotee of stickers. She also once held the very Silicon Valley title, "Director of Inspiration" at Augmented Reality developers, DAQRI.

She has been profiled on the White House Blog, Hello Giggles, Pivot TV, OC MAGAZINE, and was named one of the top 30 Indian Entrepreneurs under 30 by India Current Magazine.

Erin Kosewic

Erin Kosewic

Grand Foobahr

Erin started punching away at a computer keyboard when she was about three years old, but she still prefers the feel of an ultrafine pen from time to time. She has been working in the web development space for over ten years under notable entrepreneurs and has found it to be the perfect marriage of three of her favorite things: logic, design, and instant gratification.

Once an avid computer builder with her head buried in hardware, she is now more likely to be found traversing the California State Highway system, bulldozing the defensive line in a rugby game, or drinking potfuls of tea next to her cat.